Artist Statement

Painting is the expressive means I have chosen to communicate my own inner truth and reality. Learning to trust and respect my intuition and strong feelings, I experience my soul as imagination, and create visual imagery of symbolic forms, enabling me to express and share my journey in the unfolding of consciousness on humans spiritual levels.

My aim is to transcend the subjective and discover a universal consent within a timeless dimension, emerging with a new, unexpected reality and meaning.

“Usually student shows M.F.A. and M.A. degree candidates — are interesting but not exciting challenging. I happened in the course of events and cruising to ‘drop in’ at the Dickson Art Center, and saw a painter who is saying something in a subjective intense way. Painting ghosts and strange unconscious animals in floating liquid environments, Barbara Lawrence paints expressively her own inner world — with painterly skill. We’ll watch and wait to see what next happens.”

Los Angeles Times — June 1975 — The Fantasy